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Claim for Liability, Compensation or Treatment for Injury or Disease

The online claim for compensation process is for the use of current or former members of the Australian Defence Force, reservists, cadets, declared members, members of a peacekeeping force and others (such as members of philanthropic organisations). Read more and apply

Claim for compensation following death of a veteran

This application is for people wishing to claim compensation following the death of a veteran. Read more and apply

Application to determine Qualifying service

This application should be completed by a serving or former member of the Australian Defence Force, an eligible civilian, or a person on a special mission who would like to know if they have rendered qualifying service. In some cases, if the applicant has a MyService account, Qualifying Service may have been automatically determined. The applicant can also apply for Qualifying Service through MyService (https://www.dva.gov.au/myservice/). Alternatively, Commonwealth and Allied Veterans' can should complete the paper form at the following link http://www.dva.gov.au/sites/default/files/dvaforms/D0507.pdf.

Pension applications

Service pension

This application is for Australian resident veterans of service pension age (or have a permanent incapacity) with qualifying service and you wishing to claim an income support pension. Read more and apply

Partner pension

This application is for Australian resident partners of a veteran with qualifying service who wish to claim an income support partner pension. Read more and apply

Income support supplement

The income support supplement is a means-tested payment that is paid to eligible war widows and widowers in addition to their war widow's or widower's pensions. This includes wholly dependant partners under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2004 (MRCA). The income support supplement is paid fortnightly. Read more and apply


Gold Card

This application is used to claim a Gold Card for veterans aged 70 years or more who have rendered qualifying service. Read more and apply

Gold Card for BNT/BCOF

This application is used to claim a Gold Card for British Nuclear Test (BNT) and British Commonwealth Occupation Force (BCOF) participant.Read more and apply

Commonwealth Seniors Healthcare Card

Complete this application if you wish to apply for a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card from the Department of Veterans' Affairs. If you have a partner and you both meet the eligibility criteria, you and your partner will each receive a card. Read more and apply

Centrelink transfer

You should complete this application if you are already getting a disability pension from DVA and an age pension from Centrelink and you want DVA to pay your age pension. Your partner can also choose to have their age pension paid by DVA. Other types of Centrelink payments cannot be transferred. Read more and apply

Reconsideration, review or appeal

Complete this application if you wish DVA to undertake a formal internal review/reconsideration of a claim or benefit decision that you are dissatisfied with, or to appeal a decision to the Veterans' Review Board (VRB). Read more and apply

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